Fr John Barry osaSunday 25th February

9.30am Mass at St Kieran’s

followed by a
morning tea reception
in the parish centre

Everyone is invited to celebrate with Fr John,
Prior of the Augustinian Student Community, former 
Provincial of the Order of
St Augustine in Australasia, and resident at Manly Vale for many years.

Please bring a plate to share

Boxes for Project Compassion will be available in the church entrances this weekend.

project compassion

LentAbstinence from meat and fasting are to be observed on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

On all other Fridays of the year the law of the common practice of penance is fulfilled by performing any of the following:

Prayer – for example, Mass attendance; family prayer; a visit to the church or chapel; reading the Bible; making the Stations of the Cross; praying the Rosary.

Self-denial – for example, not eating meat; not eating sweets or dessert; giving up entertainment to spend timewith the family; limiting food and drink so as to give to the poor.

Helping others – for example, special attention to someone who is poor, sick, elderly, lonely or overburdened.

All who have completed their eighteenth year and have not yet begun their sixtieth year are bound to fast. All who have completed

their fourteenth year are bound to abstain.

lenten program bookletThe Parish Lenten Program, facilitated by Fr Paul Maloney OSA,  commences on Friday 16th February, at 7.30pm in St Kieran’s Church.  

Accompanying the program, the A4 size booklets ‘Blessed & Broken’ are available at a cost of $10.

The booklets are available from the parish office for people wishing to attend the course, which will run each Friday for the duration of Lent.

Booklets for home gatherings are available on request.

lifted up lenten programThese Daily Lenten Prayer Books ‘Lifted Up’, are provided for the parish by the Diocese of Broken Bay.

The booklets, which are free of charge, are available in the church entrances.  Please take one  with you on your way out and take part in contemplating the Lenten Scriptures this Lent.


Stations of the Cross will be on Monday evenings during Lent at St Kieran’s Church commencing at 7.30pm on MONDAY 19th FEBRUARY. 

3rd adventToday we are in the rhythm of both gratitude and yearning. Between the two, there is great space for hope. We are learning to be a patient people, continuing on, grateful but also impatient, in hope. We don’t give up hoping just because some of the things we long for in God’s reign of peace and justice have already happened. We’re there, and yet we’re not.  So much remains unfinished; so many have not yet experienced what has been promised.

2nd week of adventaToday’s readings urge us to prepare for and be open to God’s presence in our lives. We have been taught that this presence is ongoing, yet it doesn’t always seem so. We need to work to overcome fear and doubt, especially in challenging times, but the task need not be a frantic effort. These readings carry warnings and longings, but the operative words are comfort, tenderness and hope. We wait and prepare because of the promise.

The Parish Picnic on the 19th of November was very successful with at least 50 attendees including children of various ages including toddlers. The weather was wonderful: a bit breezy but warm enough to wear only a cardigan. The forecast rain stayed away. Unfortunately, the fire engine did not turn up. However, there were plenty of games and all the children joined in enthusiastically irrespective of age. There was tug of war, potato and spoon race (variation of egg and spoon), and the three legged race. I think the starting whistle was popular as was the posted games time table. 

Thanks to all generous donations, all the children were able to receive a prize for participation.  A big thank you also to all the attendees, volunteers, and helpers in any capacity for helping to make a very successful day.  Let’s aim for more fun next year!!

Judith D’Elmaine, Parish Council

We are in need of: 

Eucharistic Ministers

We’re in need of more Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick to visit our parish nursing homes.  If you have an hour to spare, just  once a month, please contact the parish office.


Do you enjoy a cuppa and a chat after Mass on Sunday? We are looking for more volunteers to assist with the hospitality after the 9.30am Mass at St Kieran’s. If you are able to assist (usually only three times per year) please contact Kerrie-Ann This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 

Ursula This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

chrisDear fellow parishioners

It has been a pleasure and an honour serving this parish and its parishioners over the last 10 years as Parish Manager but the time has come for me to step down and let a fresh face take up the reins. I have served under 3 parish priests, Fr Pete, Fr Brian and our current PP Fr Paul. Each of them has brought their own style and personality to the parish and it has been a delight working with, and learning from, each of them. I would also like to thank the many dedicated staff members and volunteers I have worked with over the last 10 years. Our parish has been truly blessed to have such a dedicated, hardworking and committed group of people.
My time here has been marked with many highlights but there are three that readily come to mind. The first is the World Youth Day held here in Sydney in 2008. The parish hosted a couple of hundred overseas participants in St Kieran’s school and a number of events were held in the Church and grounds. There was a vibe and energy around the Church that I had never experienced before. The second is the refurbishment of our two Churches. Although the work done at St Cecilia’s was not as extensive as at St Kieran’s, I still look on the altar space there as one of the nicest and most holy spaces I have seen. The refurbishment of St Kieran’s was a long, tough job but even after three years I still feel it was worth all the blood, sweat and tears.  The third, and perhaps the best, is the many, many friendships that I have made. I could not believe the number of people who were willing to help and teach me from the first day I started no matter how many mistakes I made.
I will always treasure the people I have been lucky enough to assist and those who have assisted me. Unfortunately not all of them are still around the parish and so as I hand over to a new generation I hope that the current and future parishioners will continue to support our new Parish Manager Jacky.
This is not farewell though, Cathie and I will continue to be involved with North Harbour Parish and I hope to continue the many friendships I have made over the years. So au revoir, I’ll see you around the traps and thank you to everyone who made my time here so special.

Chris Burrows

On behalf of the parish community, we would like to wish Chris a very long and happy retirement and a big thank you for all the hard work over the last 10 years.

child protection sunday1“See Me, Hear Me”

As has become the custom each year the Child Protection Sunday and preceding week, provides a focus reminding each of us to play a part in protecting our children. This year our theme is “See Me, Hear Me”. The question is how do we play our part in listening to children to ensure they are kept safe? This year the National Committee for Professional Standards have commissioned a video and brochure through the Australian Catholic University reflecting on research around what children think about their safety. These resources are available on the Diocesan website .  Raising awareness about Safeguarding children during this month will provide our community with an opportunity to learn and consider what we must do to keep our children safe.

The annual Parish Assembly was convened on Sunday July 23rd, and was attended by around 50 parishioners.

  • A report on the results of the recent church life survey was presented, as well as parish financial and planning reports. 
  • Retiring members of the PPC were thanked, and the new members were welcomed.
  • Copies of the 2016-17 Annual Report have been emailed, and are also available at the church door, parish office or may be viewed or downloaded online from the parish website.