chrisDear fellow parishioners

It has been a pleasure and an honour serving this parish and its parishioners over the last 10 years as Parish Manager but the time has come for me to step down and let a fresh face take up the reins. I have served under 3 parish priests, Fr Pete, Fr Brian and our current PP Fr Paul. Each of them has brought their own style and personality to the parish and it has been a delight working with, and learning from, each of them. I would also like to thank the many dedicated staff members and volunteers I have worked with over the last 10 years. Our parish has been truly blessed to have such a dedicated, hardworking and committed group of people.
My time here has been marked with many highlights but there are three that readily come to mind. The first is the World Youth Day held here in Sydney in 2008. The parish hosted a couple of hundred overseas participants in St Kieran’s school and a number of events were held in the Church and grounds. There was a vibe and energy around the Church that I had never experienced before. The second is the refurbishment of our two Churches. Although the work done at St Cecilia’s was not as extensive as at St Kieran’s, I still look on the altar space there as one of the nicest and most holy spaces I have seen. The refurbishment of St Kieran’s was a long, tough job but even after three years I still feel it was worth all the blood, sweat and tears.  The third, and perhaps the best, is the many, many friendships that I have made. I could not believe the number of people who were willing to help and teach me from the first day I started no matter how many mistakes I made.
I will always treasure the people I have been lucky enough to assist and those who have assisted me. Unfortunately not all of them are still around the parish and so as I hand over to a new generation I hope that the current and future parishioners will continue to support our new Parish Manager Jacky.
This is not farewell though, Cathie and I will continue to be involved with North Harbour Parish and I hope to continue the many friendships I have made over the years. So au revoir, I’ll see you around the traps and thank you to everyone who made my time here so special.

Chris Burrows

On behalf of the parish community, we would like to wish Chris a very long and happy retirement and a big thank you for all the hard work over the last 10 years.