Fr Paul MaloneyDear Fellow Parishioners,

There is so much to comfort us in today’s Readings as they speak of God’s kindness towards humankind.  Our God is one who wipes away the tears from every cheek, lifts the mourning veil from all peoples, and destroys Death and our fears of it forever.  There is also much to dis-comfort us as well as we recognise that while our God is prepared to meet and fulfil all our needs, we are quite reticent about responding to His call which, far from being onerous, is to celebrate by attending a lavish wedding feast. 


The excuses given in the Gospel are pretty typical of us – we are too busy with work or business; we are too preoccupied with money problems or relationships; we are too young or too old, too clever or not clever enough to be caught up in the relationship God longs to offer us. 


One of the blessings about coming to this parish has been the fact that I have not had the excuse of being too preoccupied with money and business matters to attend to the invitation from God to enter into the daily banquet of the Eucharist.  Along with the community of Augustinian priests joining me in the service of this parish in such a privileged way, we would not be able to carry out such duties if it were not for the trained staff that contributes their time and talents in the running of the business -management side of things. 


After 10 years of service as our current parish manager, Chris Burrows is stepping down from the job of maintaining the parish plant in so many aspects of its day to day requirements. 


I inherited the wonderful working relationship which Chris had with the two previous parish priests and this made my insertion into the role comparatively stress free.  Words can hardly express my gratitude for the solid basis he provided by his background knowledge which has made my decision making so much easier. 


I will miss the practical support that smoothed away the complexity of coping with computer banking and many other issues.   


But it is with a great deal of pleasure I can announce that our new manager has been chosen from a pool of applicants.  Jacky Worthington has been working in the parish as our Compliance Officer for the last 18 months and has a long involvement with the parish and the Augustinian Order. She is the current National Leader of Friends of St Augustine and a former Chair of the Parish Council.  Jacky’s children attended St Kieran’s school and she has been involved in many of the vital groups that help make the parish and its schools function. Jacky comes from a background in accounting and office management and has a deep understanding of our Parish and its needs.


The Gospel teaches us that all of us are invited to the Feast of God’s Kingdom. But, for our part, we must come prepared…in the words of the Gospel, dressed for the part.  We are reassured “There is nothing that I cannot master with the help of the One who gives me strength” and very often that strength comes from the integrity, generosity and cooperation we show when we accept the invitation to serve God in and with one another – to enter into the banquet hall so that it is filled with guests.