Congratulations to all the children and a warm welcome to their extended family and friends. After the weeks of preparation in their Family Home Groups the children will celebrate their First Communion this weekend and next at the following Masses: Saturdays 5.30pm at St Kieran’s Sundays 9am at St Cecilia’s and Sundays 9.30am at St Kieran’s. Seats will be reserved at all these Masses for the children, their families and guests.

The Diocese of Broken Bay offers a number of resoruces for families with young children from infancy through to school years.


Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a program for children aged 3-12.

Marriage and Family Life Ministry provides regular opportunities for growth in the faith directed to families.



The Catholic Adult Education Centre  offers many publications useful for young married couples with children.


Happy Saints

has beautiful illustrations of seasonal and devotional themes throughout the year with a selection of other delightfully userfriendly resources.