cwf1Our families thank you!
The August CWF Appeal focuses on two brave young families sharing their experience of the CatholicCare Hospital Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Practitioner Program (one of the charities supported by the CWF).  You can read more about their stories in the August edition of Broken Bay News available at the back of the Church.
The Charitable Works Fund is 100% tax deductible and 98.25cents of every dollar goes to the following five beneficiaries:
CatholicCare Hospital Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Practitioner Program – where five Pastoral Care Practitioners reach over 3,000 patients, 700 families and over 180 hospital staff each year across seven hospitals in our Diocese.
Confraternity of Christian Doctrine – creating and updating the curriculum and training catechists who minister to public school students across the Diocese.

St Lucy’s School – for primary school students with disabilities.

St Edmund’s School – for secondary school students with disabilities.

Ephpheta Centre – serving the Catholic deaf community.

We thank you for your generosity.

A Reminder: If you or a loved one is admitted to hospital, please ensure that you write Catholic as your religion on admissions paperwork so that you can receive Catholic services during your stay.